Blonde on Blonde released in 1966 – May 16 or June 20?

Blonde on Blonde was released on June 20, 1966. I think it’s Dylan’s best album.

From the Wikipedia article:

Blonde on Blonde was released on June 20, 1966, but for many years, May 16 was thought to be the correct date.[120] Michael Gray, author of The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia, had contended that the release date was actually around late June or early July.[30] This coincides with the album’s promotion in Billboard, which carried a full-page Columbia advertisement on June 25,[121] selected the album as a “New Action LP” on July 9,[122] and ran a review and article on July 16.[108] In 2017, after viewing a Sony database of album releases, Heylin found that the release date was in fact June 20.[1] This is supported by the fact that an overdub on “Fourth Time Around” was recorded in June.[120]

I’ve been reading this excellent book about the recording of Blonde on Blonde – That Thin Wild Mercury Music

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