I don’t care if indicting Trump would divide the country

One argument I have heard against charging Trump is that it would divide the country. Thi sis a poor argument for several reasons.

  1. He certainly appears to be guilty. Nobody is above the law. I doubt he goes to jail but I hope he does. The low-level people who invaded the Capitol because of him are going to jail. The insurrection wouldn’t have happened without Trump so he belongs there, too.
  2. Could it divide the country more than it already is? Remember, 70% of Republicans won’t even admit that Biden won a fair election.
  3. Republicans don’t care about dividing the country. The Supreme Court abortion decision made by their judges is very divisive but they clearly don’t care. Democrats shouldn’t care either. The only way to respond to Republican tactics is to fight fire with fire. Biden needs to get over the idea that we’re still in the 1970s. See the tweet below.

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