I think the big winner of the 1/6 hearings is Ron DeSantis

It certainly seems obvious that Trump is a criminal but I don’t think the Department of Justice will charge him. They’re concerned about dividing the country but that’s irrelevant for two reasons:

  1. The country is already polarized.
  2. Republicans don’t care about dividing the country. Look at the abortion decision which is very unpopular.

I do think the hearings weaken Trump’s standing within the GOP which helps potential rivals. Look at this poll:

Republicans can get Trump policies without Trump’s personal baggage by nominating DeSantis or someone similar. I do think DeSantis could win the 2024 presidential election as long as the economy has problems such as inflation. Democrats aren’t in love with Biden and there could be a nasty primary fight if he doesn’t run for re-election. I hate to say it but I think Ron DeSantis will be the next president. I despise him but I don’t think he’s a criminal. I think the only thing that could derail him is if Trump runs as an independent or does something else to sabotage DeSantis.

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