I’d rather have one star player than multiple players in a trade

It’s almost the baseball trade deadline. A four-for-one trade was made last night between the Reds and Mariners.

In my opinion, the team that gets a star player for multiple players and prospects usually wins the trade.

Let’s look at examples:


Sour Rankings: From John Elway to Ricky Williams, the 15 worst trades in NFL history

This includes eight draft picks for Ricky Williams. The big trade Dallas made where Herschel Walker was sent to Minnesota did work out for Dallas.


Do you remember who the Bucks got for Kareem Abdul Jabbar or who the 76ers got for Wilt Chamberlain? These were one-sided trades.


The 40 Worst Trades In MLB History

Do you remember any player traded for Rickey Henderson? He was traded to the Yankees for five players and traded by them for three players. The best was pitcher Jose Rijo.

I will keep adding to this as I think of more trades.

This backs my view:

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