Bruce Catton has been added to the Library of America

I am glad that The Library of America has published the Army of the Potomac trilogy by Bruce Catton. Non-fiction Civil Wat books were the first adult books I read. I had the Pocket Books paperbacks which are probably in my basement somewhere. Our family took a vacation in 1963, right before I turned 10, which included stops at Gettysburg and several Virginia Civil War battlefields. When we came back, I found I could read adult books about the Civil War and never went back to books for kids or adolescents. Catton wrote a second trilogy. Someone (I think it was the father of one of my sister’s classmates) gave me his hardback copy of one of them. Catton also wrote the text for The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War.

I owe a big debt to Catton and other authors of Civil War books for increasing my already strong interest in reading.

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