Excessive coverage influences news

I never thought I would use Donald Trump and Lamar Jackson in the same sentence – sorry, Lamar.

What they have in common is endless media coverage by TV and radio stations and websites that have time and space to fill. The problem is the coverage influences events.

The excessive coverage of the Lamar Jackson contract situation (when there is very little actual news) has alienated some fans from Lamar and made the rest of us just sick of hearing and reading about it. I think it’s been unhelpful to having a resolution and probably helped both sides to dig in.

Trump is evil but he is an expert at getting attention which the media gladly gives to him. I doubt that he ever would have been nominated in the old days when national TV news was only on for half an hour. I blame the media for helping him – even negative coverage takes up space that could have been used on other candidates and stories.

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