Takes on Afghanistan

I am no expert so I won’t say much. To me:

  1. The execution of the withdrawal has been bad. It’s a failure of US intelligence that they didn’t know the government would collapse so quickly
  2. Biden made the right call.
  3. The public doesn’t care that much. It doesn’t affect most of us directly. I remember the dire warnings about what would happen to us if Vietnam fell to the communists and they were overblown.
  4. Media has given this too much coverage. It’s very dramatic but see #4. I saw very little coverage about Biden’s increase in food stamp amounts which affects more people right now.
  5. Bush, Obama and Trump deserve blame along with Biden.
  6. The media has been harsh on Biden just like they were on Hillary Clinton’s emails because they are afraid of Republican criticism that they are pro-Democrat.
  7. Trump and his supporters are lying about Trump’s role in this situation.

Here are some worthwhile takes from Twitter: