Democrats must fill more judicial vacancies

Democrats need to do better on filling judicial vacancies

No Republican president would do this

Trump-appointed judge strikes down CDC travel mask mandate

The ABA rated her not qualified when she was nominated.

Biden is appointing a lot of judges

Trump judges update 12/18/19

They just keep forcing through conservative judges after having blocked Obama nominees.

Update on Trump Judges – 12/13/19

Trump has made a lasting impact on the federal judicial system through his many appointments. McConnell blocked Obama from making appointments which created vacancies for Trump. Some of Trump’s appointments are unqualified but he doesn’t care. I don’t think Trump, who is clearly a criminal (based on payments to women, his foundation, Trump U, emoluments in addition to the Russia/Ukraine stuff), should be appointing judges.

Republicans keep appointing judges

Republicans take judicial appointments much more seriously than Democrats do. As far as I know, no Democrat has raised it as a campaign issue. Republicans blocked Obama appointments and have loaded up with Trump appointed judges. The conservative judges will overturn progressive laws in the future.

I agree with both ideas.

Democrats should adopt Republican tactics on judges

When we get a Democratic president, Democrats should not go back to bipartisan tactics like the blue ship and 60 vote threshold. Those policies would be better for the country but they don’t work if only one party follows them. There is no reason to think that Republicans will change their terrible tactics because they are working. They stole a Supreme Court seat and Trump has filled many lower seats Republicans wouldn’t let Obama fill.

It takes both sides for bipartisanship and Republicans clearly don’t care about it. I hope the next Democratic president and senate act the way the Republicans do now.

Grassley’s hypocrisy

Republicans nominated a birther for president. They didn’t reject Trump’s endorsement of Romney in 2012. It wasn’t a fringe movement in Republican circles. Many of them believed this nonsense and still do.