My experience with online grocery shopping

I never shopped for groceries online until the pandemic. I don’t drive so I usually bartered a dinner out with a friend in return for a trip for grocery shopping.

Since the pandemic, I have been getting groceries delivered from Safeway and am overall satisfied with the process. I’ll keep doing it after the pandemic is over

It’s not quite the same as ordering from restaurants with the delivery services.  When you order, you select a time in the future – there’s no ASAP.  This is different than the restaurants: Some items that appear to be in stock will not be available by the time your order is delivered and you won’t be charged for them.  I would say I get about 3/4 of the stuff I order.  You get a receipt several hours before your order is delivered.  You can let them substitute if items are out.  That has worked out fine but I still don’t get everything.  One time, I ordered jalapeno cheese bagels and they were going to substitute cinnamon raisin bagels.  I got jalapeno cheese bagels in a bag labeled cinnamon raisin – see the pictures.

Another example. I have ordered a 2-pound bag of plums three times. Twice I got one plum and one time I got about half a dozen. You would think they know I would like more than one. The plum I got yesterday was loose in the grocery bag and had the price sticker on it – see the picture.

The delivery fee can be paid annually or by the order.  I would say if you get groceries once a month, the annual plan is worth it.  The fees per order depend on the length of time for the delivery window you select – one, two or four hours.  You will be notified when your order is being delivered similar to the restaurant services.  The food comes in regular grocery bags and they do keep the refrigerated stuff together and the frozen stuff together

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