Update on Trump’s payroll tax scam

People would have more money now but less next year. It’s a scam.

another Trump lie

Trump’s payroll tax fiasco

Employees will get more money now but less money next year when the tax is recouped. It’s confusing and hard to implement. Making people think they are getting more money is another Trump scam. It also doesn’t help the millions of people who are unemployed. It will severely damage Social Security if the tax cut is permanent.

Democrats want to expand Social Security

Increase the amount of earnings subject to taxes to pay for it. This is a good idea.

Republicans will probably try to cut spending on entitlement programs in 2019

Trump’s war on immigrants is hurting Social Security

This article notes: “Immigration is a net plus for Social Security. Because immigrants are younger, on average, than other Americans, they will contribute to Social Security for decades. Ironically, undocumented workers contribute even more. They are prohibited from receiving Social Security, even when they can prove that they have contributed. The Social Security Administration has estimated that undocumented workers pay billions of dollars to these programs each year but earn no benefits.”

Thus, fewer immigrants will mean less money for Social Security.