Stormy Daniels

I think Trump would still have won the 2016 election even if we knew about Stormy Daniels before the voting.  Trump voters knew he was a liar, a bigot, was accused of attacking women, supported the birther movement, was in the “Access Hollywood video”, etc.  They still voted for him.  If they could overlook all of the other stuff, they could overlook Stormy Daniels.  This does need to be investigated to see if any election laws were violated.  The stories Trump’s lawyer has spread are ridiculous and at some point, I think we’ll hear the truth.  In this era of the Internet, everything becomes public eventually.

Yes, I know Hillary Clinton had the private email server.  She should have closed the Clinton Foundation before she became Secretary of State.  She supported Bill Clinton against his accusers – some or probably all told the truth. Still her moral failings are much smaller than Trump’s.  Sad!

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