Trump 2020 and TV coverage

Trump is already running for reelection in 2020.  He has filed paperwork, appointed a campaign manager, created a slogan and started fundraising.

I did not watch his speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday but I have read a lot about it and seen clips.  I would say it was mostly a 2020 campaign speech with the rest being a presidential speech (like when he talked about policy on drug dealers).  Accordingly, the Democrats should get equal time from the TV networks equivalent to the amount of time the speech was a reelection speech.  Otherwise, it is very unfair to the Democrats.

Trump is an expert at manipulating the TV networks to get more coverage.  He did this during the primary and general election and he’s doing it now.  Remember how the networks showed his speech in Florida with the Trump water and steaks?

Remember when he opened his hotel in Washington and added a few words at the end that admitted that Obama was born in the US?


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