Hannity should have told his viewers about his connection to Cohen

Hannity should have told his viewers that he had consulted Cohen for legal advice. (I am skeptical that it was about real estate – it appears Cohen’s specialty is paying off people who could adversely affect his clients.)

What did Fox knows?  This column says Fox should conduct an investigation.


Update:  Hannity has ties to two more Trump-connected lawyers.

Fox was surprised by the Michael Cohen connection but gives Hannity full support.

Trump wants people to go on TV to encourage him to fire Mueller

Everything for Trump is based on what’s on TV.  In this case, he tries to manipulate the coverage but Fox News is already his equivalent of Russia’s RT. He should just move the Fox News studio into the White House and cut out the TV set.

Laura Ingraham learns there are consequences for vindictive tweets

Good for David Hogg for fighting back against Laura Ingraham’s cheap insults by listing  her advertisersand advising his followers to contact them.  At least 15 companies have pulled their ads from her show.

Ingraham has apologized but Hogg rejected it.

It’s not surprising that Russian bots are supporting Ingraham on Twitter.


updates: The right’s sliming of David Hogg

Sinclair TV host resigns after vulgar comment about David Hogg

26 sponsors have pulled ads

Update 10/16/18:

Big advertisers still shunning Ingraham’s Fox News