Will Trump fire Mueller?

I think Trump wants to fire Mueller and stop his investigation. Here’s a column from CNN.   The tweets by Trump and his lawyer are trial balloons to see what the reaction would be.

If Trump fired Mueller (or more accurately had the Justice Department do it), I think:

  1. Democrats and some member of the media will complain.  They can do nothing.
  2. Trump is more popular than Republicans in Congress among Republican voters.  I expect Republican “leaders” like McConnell and Ryan to do nothing.  They don’t want to alienate their voters.  Some Congressional Republicans will speak up (like Graham already has) but they won’t be able to do anything.

So, Trump can fire Mueller and there will be no immediate consequences.  At some point, through some investigation, we will get to the bottom of this.  Trump can’t hide the truth forever.  It must be bad if firing Mueller is a better option for him then letting Mueller find out the truth.  Sad!

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