Climate change

A recent Quinnipiac poll shows that 63% think more needs to be done about climate change.

However, the Trump EPA is going in the opposite direction.

EPA staffers were given talking points downplaying human involvement in climate change.

Some of the talking points are misleading and contradict research.

The EPA is getting friendly with the fossil fuel industry.

A major change being considered by the EPA would limit research available to it when considering environmental regulations.

This is a good overview of the EPA chief’s attacks on science advisors and scientific research.

Hundreds of EPA staff members have left the EPA during the Trump administration – more than 700 employees as of December 2017.

At some point, the Trump administration will be replaced by people who do not think climate change is a Chinese hoax.  However, Trump is doing permanent damage.  You can’t undo the negative impacts of Trump policies on the environment that will occur during his administration.  Also, I think it will be hard to get ex-employees or similar people who believe climate change is real to go to the EPA when it is clear a future administration can toss them out.  Sad!


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