77% believe that media outlets report “fake news”

Trump is winning on this one.  A recent poll shows that 77% believe that the media reports “fake news”.  I don’t think so.   I think the media makes rare mistakes and acknowledges them.  (However, Fox has not held anyone accountable for their fake Seth Rich murder story.)

Trump has put the media in a bad position.  He lies multiple times every day.  If the media points out that what he says isn’t true, then it looks like they’re anti-Trump, especially since they have to do it so often.

If they don’t point it out, then they are just passing along lies.  There was a Washington Post article last year that compared it to basketball fouls but I have thought it’s like football.  Referees could call pass interference on virtually every pass play but then it would look like they are biased.

What would make Trump stop lying?  I thought of something but the media would never do it.   They could carry Trump’s rants (aka speeches) on tape delay and not broadcast the lies.  Of course, that would make for very short broadcasts.  Trump has to be held accountable for his lies and it hasn’t been done.  Instead, he has made it seem like the media outlets are lying.  Sad!

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