John McCain

The “joke” about John McCain made by a White House staffer was disgraceful.  The White House reaction is even worse – the employee is still working there.    Trump’s attitude encourages this behavior.  Remember how he said McCain was not a war hero,

This is an excellent column by Chris Cillizza.  It also covers Hatch’s comment (which he later apologized for) that Trump should be invited to McCain’s funeral and a remark by a former general who called McCain “Songbird” with no basis.

The only Republican, as far as I know, who has criticized the joke and White House reaction was Lindsay Graham.

Remember that some conservatives attributed McCain’s vote against Obamacare repeal to his brain cancer.

An opinion column: How many more funerals will Trump have to skip?

I don’t agree with John McCain on many issues but I have enormous respect for him as a person.  The way he has been treated by many in his own party is disgraceful.


Update: Kelly Sadler, the White House staffer, told Meghan McCain she would apologize publically but she hasn’t

The White House is treating this as a leak scandal.

It gets worse:

The White House still won’t make a public apology.

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