My 17th Pruitt roundup (new stuff just since 6/5)

It’s been a busy week in Pruitt world.  I don’t ever remember a cabinet member who has done so many shady (and possibly illegal) things.

This week, we had the attempt to get a Chick-Fil-A franchise, eating lunch too often in the White House mess and using his staff to try to find lotion, snacks, and a used mattress from the Trump hotel.  Two of his top aides are leaving.

Democrats want him to be investigated for potential criminal conduct.

Even some Republicans are unhappy with his behavior but aren’t pushing for his resignation.

This article ranks all of his abuses of power.  Here’s another guide:

Pruitt had aides fetch protein bars and yogurt

Pruitt used his security guards to pick up dry cleaning and take him to search for a specific moisturizing lotion.

A major Trump donor helped Pruitt pick EPA science advisors

Evangelicals and Pruitt

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