What does Russia have on Trump?

There is no rational way to explain Trump’s suggestion that Russia should be readmitted to the G7 unless Russia has something on him.   Russia was expelled because of their attack on the Ukraine.  Since then, there was their meddling in the US election and the poisoning in the UK.  There is no way they should be allowed back.

Trump has alienated our allies and put tariffs on him.  He has taken the US out of the Iran accord but has nothing to replace it.  He made the US the only country that is not in the Paris climate agreement.  He withdrew from the TPP but has nothing instead.  Asian countries will trade without us.  Do you really think he can make deals?  He has multiple bankruptcies, stiffed contractors, and pulled the Trump University scam.  I don’t see how he is capable of making good deals that will help the US.  He’s just a bully and liar.

He attacks our allies but sucks up to North Korea.

Putin must be thrilled by Trump’s disgraceful behavior.



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