Trump lies about the lobster industry

Trump lies and lies

How are Trump’s farm subsidies being paid for?

Trump’s trade wars hurt farmers

Trump’s trade policy is hurting farmers. Trump lies about the estate tax changes. They won’t help many farmers. He has told this lie many times.

The tweets from Daniel Dale are from prior times he has lied about this.

Trump called the estate tax a ‘tremendous burden’ on family farmers. Here’s the truth.

Benefits from Trump’s NAFTA replacement will be much smaller than he claims

Speaking of NAFTA:

Another Trump lie

Trump’s NAFTA replacement

They were foolish to believe Trump.

Trump doesn’t understand MOUs

Trump doesn’t understand that MOUs are binding.

Trump’s trade war is bad for farmers

China imported no US soybeans in November

This is what Trump’s trade policies get us.  He’s not making good deals – he’s harming US businesses.