Trump lies about the lobster industry

Trump lies and lies

How are Trump’s farm subsidies being paid for?

American consumers and businesses, not China, are paying for Trump’s tariffs

More on how Trump’s policies are hurting the lobster industry

Trump’s policies are bad for farmers

China is buying food from other countries instead of the US. I think US farmers have lost business permanently thanks to Trump.

Farmers suffer from the double whammy of Trump’s tariffs and weather

Trump’s tariffs have been disastrous for US farmers. China is shopping elsewhere and will never buy as much from the US again. Meanwhile climate change, which Trump has called a Chinese hoax, is making it harder to grow crops. Trump’s lack of acknowledgement will make it harder to combat the climate problems. The majority of Trump’s farm subsidies went to richer farms.

Tariffs update 6/22/19

New about the negative impacts of Trump’s tariffs.


Trump’s tariffs are hurting farmers

Trump lies about tariffs

We pay the additional costs, not the Chinese. Trump is lying or doesn’t understand tariffs. He has said things like this several times so I assume someone has explained tariffs to him. I think this is just another lie.