Trump either lies about tariffs or doesn’t understand them

I don’t care which it is. Either way is bad. Tariffs are being paid by American businesses and consumers. This has been pointed out many times before so I think he’s just lying.

Trump lies about tariffs

Does he even understand how they work? US businesses and consumers pay the tariffs when they buy the foreign goods.

China imported no US soybeans in November

This is what Trump’s trade policies get us.  He’s not making good deals – he’s harming US businesses.




Trump tariff update 12/25/18

more bad news

Sure there’s more tax revenue but consumers bear the brunt of the tariff when they pay more for imports.


Trump apparently doesn’t understand tariffs

Tariff Man!


update 12/4/18


Massive staff reductions at General Motors

Looks like they were partly caused by Trump’s tariffs.  Now he is threatening GM.

from the article:

GM may have been forced to restructure to accommodate a changing market regardless of whether Trump instituted tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, but the effect these tariffs — and the threat of potential tariffs on all imported automobiles — exacerbated the pressure to do so. GM announced on Monday that Trump’s tariffs have cost the company $1 billion, and that while they are not directly responsible for the layoffs, they are among the “headwinds,” as Barra put it on a conference call, that the company is facing as it struggles to remain profitable.