Trump’s tariffs are hurting farmers

Trump lies about tariffs

We pay the additional costs, not the Chinese. Trump is lying or doesn’t understand tariffs. He has said things like this several times so I assume someone has explained tariffs to him. I think this is just another lie.

Trump’s trade wars hurt farmers

Trump’s trade policy is hurting farmers. Trump lies about the estate tax changes. They won’t help many farmers. He has told this lie many times.

The tweets from Daniel Dale are from prior times he has lied about this.

Trump called the estate tax a ‘tremendous burden’ on family farmers. Here’s the truth.

Trump’s washing machine tariffs have hurt consumers

They haven’t added many jobs either.

Tariff update 3/26/19

American consumers are paying the costs of tariffs

Trump either lies or misunderstands tariffs. The American public is paying the costs.