Trump lies about jobs related to Saudi arms deals and total amount of the deals

He keeps increasing the number of jobs – it started at 40,000 and it’s now 1 million.  This is all made up. The total amount of the deals is a lie too.

Photo of Trump holding a chart that says 40,000 jobs

There are only 355,000 total jobs in the US defense industry!

American people reject Trump’s nationalism

from the article:
“An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll this week found that an astonishing 61 percent of voters believe immigration helps the United States as opposed to hurting, while only 28 percent say it hurts as opposed to helps. ”

“An NBC poll in August found that voters say by 50-23 that free trade has helped, as opposed to hurt, the U.S. — a massive shift since 2016. A Pew poll taken over the summer, just as Trump’s trade wars started to take hold, found that a plurality of Americans, 49-40, thought tariffs against our trading partners would be bad for the country. A recent Post/ABC poll found Americans oppose Trump’s tariffs by 50-41 (though in fairness the polling has been somewhat mixed on them).”

Facts on NAFTA and trade




another Trump lie


China is gaining friends because of Trump’s trade wars

From this article:

“Under pressure from President Trump’s tariff war, China has embarked on a charm offensive on the diplomatic circuit, smoothing over old disputes and courting partners who could help Beijing weather the storm with Washington. Germany, which perennially harangued Beijing over market access restrictions, recently let Chinese investors hold bigger shares in joint ventures in a significant concession. South Korea, the target of withering Chinese boycotts last year over its deployment of a U.S. missile defense system, is seeing Chinese tourism revenue and automobile sales return.
This week, China’s relations with its heavyweight neighbor, Japan, reached its highest level in years.”

Trump’s policies will hurt US trade as other countries make deals without us.  Sad!

US trade deficit rises

Blame Trump’s trade war:

from the article below: “That likely reflected a continued reversal of soybean exports after farmers front-loaded shipments of the crop in April and May to China before Beijing’s retaliatory tariffs came into effect in early July. The United States and China are embroiled in a trade war marked by tit-for-tat tariffs. ”