Daniel Dale’s count of Trump’s false claims (which I call lies)

I think Trump lies deliberately every time. He has access to the facts. He chooses to ignore them. The volume of lies has increased as Trump realizes there are no repercussions. People like me can’t hate him more and his cult believe him. More lies don’t change anything. More media outlets are finally calling Trump’s false statements lies. They should have started doing this in 2015 (or even earlier).

Daniel Dale has done a great job for the Toronto Star and will soon join CNN.

Mueller report fact checks

Yet another fake right wing picture

The right wing sure spreads a lot of fake stuff. Trump supporters must not be interested in facts.

State of the Union fact checks

More lies

A lot of fact checks were done after the speech which means Trump was able to lie without being contradicted in real time. To be fair, Trump lies so much, it would be hard for the media to keep up.

Trump doesn’t talk about the people killed in mass shootings.

Right wing conspiracy – the mother fleeing tear gas photo was staged

The conspiracy theorists can’t accept the truth.

examples (and there are more if you search Twitter for fake photo):

the facts: