White House shares doctored video from Infowars author

This is pathetic and disgusting.  The White House used an edited video from a guy who writes for Infowars, a right wing site that has been banned for hate speech by some social media sites.

update 11/9/18:

update 11/10/18:

Trump’s Indiana rally – 11/5/18





Trump lied about the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Trump said the NYSE opened the day after 9/11.  It was closed until 9/17  He just wants to justify hold his hate-filled rallies.

Fake photo of a Seahawk flag-burning

While we’re on fake photos, I decided to post this.

from the article:

“This hybrid of fake news meme isn’t necessarily new—a digitally altered photo of a shark swimming down a flooded city street gets passed around every hurricane season. But its power is only becoming more sinister as it gets harder to know what’s real. At best, people may get tired puzzling out the truth. At worse, they might stop worrying about it altogether. “In that way, it’s an exemplar of a new normal,” Milner says.
The problem is no longer just fake photos. It’s the fact people don’t care they’re not real.”