Trump’s Las Vegas speech September 20, 2018

More lies and other nonsense

Trump is disgusting

I knew he couldn’t keep his mouth shut on Dr. Ford.  His real character (or lack of it) always comes out.  The man has no compassion or empathy.  He just knows how to attack people.  Let’s not forget that he has been accused by over a dozen women of sexual assault,  I believe the women.

Obviously, Republicans will do anything to get this unpopular nominee confirmed.  I don’t know why any woman would vote for a Republican in 2018.

I bet she still votes for Kavanaugh:

Trump can’t even respect 9/11

look at his fists

Trump shouldn’t have attacked the press in front of the sheriffs

Trump makes everything partisan.  How can we believe these people will be fair?

Trump lies from his speech in North Dakota on 9/7

Great tweets by Daniel Dale who does an outstanding job of analyzing Trump’s statements.

The proposed Republican budget had cuts.

He’s told the steel lie a lot.

Trump lies from his speech in Montana on 9/6

Just some of the lies described on Twitter by Daniel Dale who does a great job.