Trump continues to use music that artists don't want him to

This is not a new issue.

I’ve covered it here and here.

Trump's terrible comments on John Dingell

Trump attacks a dead man again. Trump is a terrible person. Most Republicans won’t condemn these despicable comments.

Trump continues to use presidential events for political purposes

His campaign, not taxpayers, should pay for these events. Congress should hold Trump accountable.

Shell workers had to attend the Trump rally to get paid

Trump uses presidential events for political speeches

His campaign, not taxpayers, should pay for his travel and events. He almost always injects politics into what should be a non-partisan presidential speech. We can go back to the beginning of his presidency when he did this at the CIA and Boy Scouts appearances. He has not changed and won’t change. I hope he is sued and his campaign has to pay.

The link above takes you a to a good interview with the communications director for the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

Trump’s lies in PA

great thread by CNN’s Daniel Dale:

Disgusting attack on potential rivals. You can see how evil his campaign will be. He will do name calling instead of a discussion of issues.
His campaign should pay for this political speech.
why lie about this?
Isn’t 18.5% a be enough win?

Trump’s racist comments at the Ross fundraiser

Just typical Trump – praising our enemies and mocking our allies. I’m sure Putin is happy. These tweets concern his comments at the Ross fundraiser for him.

He had the fundraiser anyway.