Trump is whining about stuff he proposed in the budget

Taxpayers pay for Trump’s “political activity” at his club

He called it a political activity, not me. Taxpayers should not pay for this. Most of his club members who attended it did not wear masks initially. The media posted pictures of the lack of masks and then masks were passed out. They did not social distance. I hope the state of New Jersey investigates to see if the state’s coronavirus rules were broken. The whole thing is disgusting and corrupt.

The tweets below were from yesterday but Trump did it again today. At least his club members wore masks today.

I don’t think he was ever sincere about wearing masks.
Trump and his cult support law and order but don’t think rules apply to them.
Trump is fine with Russia interfering in the election to help him.

Trump lies about Obama, Biden and policing

He said they did nothing. He’s a liar…again.

His speech was worthless and he used the white supremacy keyword “heritage” at the end to appeal to the bigots in his base.

Before his lies, he met with families of people who were killed by police.

Trump threatens the use of military force; peaceful protesters are tear gassed

I don’t watch Trump speak but it sounds like he said nothing about the basis of the protests – police murders of African-Americans. There’s no reason for the protesters to stop until something is being done.

I don’t support vandalism and looting. I totally support the peaceful protests. You can make an argument that peaceful protests don’t work. Look where they got Colin Kaepernick – unemployed. Kaepernick was right then and Trump’s talk and actions have only validated his concerns.

Trump’s anti-Semitic remarks about Henry Ford

They were for the bigots who are a part of his base.

Trump continues to use official events for political purposes

His campaign should pay when he turns a presidential event into a rally. Reelection is his top priority.

Washington Post article

Trump again uses an official event for a campaign rally

Can’t anyone stop this? taxpayers should not have to pay for this. Trump doesn’t leave any separation between his job and campaign. It’s all political to him. Sad!

What a stupid remark!

Trump lies during the State of the Union address

Here are fact checks and comments:

Trump continues to use music that artists don’t want him to

This is not a new issue.

I’ve covered it here and here.

Trump’s terrible comments on John Dingell

Trump attacks a dead man again. Trump is a terrible person. Most Republicans won’t condemn these despicable comments.