Trump’s Orlando rally 6/18/19

He acts like he’s running against Hillary Clinton. Trump has been in campaign mode since 2015.

White supremacists march in Orlando before Trump rally

I am sure they are Trump supporters responding to his bigotry.

Conspiracy theorists are there too.

Other Trump cult members are there

Trump uses official events for political purposes

I have written about this before. He does it often such as when he spoke to the CIA and the Boy Scouts. Taxpayers should not have to pay for this abuse of his office. Sad!

Trump’s extreme language

Trump’s Pennsylvania rally May 20, 2019

He is getting more unhinged. This is scary stuff (and I am including his cult members, not just Trump).

Trump makes political remarks to the National Association of Realtors

Trump has been running for re-election since he was inaugurated. He blurs the lines between political and presidential events by making political statements at speeches, for example, to the CIA and Boy Scouts.

He is addressing the National Association of Realtors today. I assume this is a presidential event since the White House is carrying it online. However, he talked about “fake news” which is clearly inappropriate. Taxpayers should not have to pay for this. I have written several tweets to news organizations suggesting that they write an article on how often he does this. We should never get used to this or accept it. Sad!

Trump’s Florida rally 5/8/19

more bigotry, more lies