Trump’s anti-Semitic remarks about Henry Ford

They were for the bigots who are a part of his base.

Trump continues to use official events for political purposes

His campaign should pay when he turns a presidential event into a rally. Reelection is his top priority.

Washington Post article

Trump again uses an official event for a campaign rally

Can’t anyone stop this? taxpayers should not have to pay for this. Trump doesn’t leave any separation between his job and campaign. It’s all political to him. Sad!

What a stupid remark!

Trump lies during the State of the Union address

Here are fact checks and comments:

Trump continues to use music that artists don’t want him to

This is not a new issue.

I’ve covered it here and here.

Trump’s terrible comments on John Dingell

Trump attacks a dead man again. Trump is a terrible person. Most Republicans won’t condemn these despicable comments.

Trump continues to use presidential events for political purposes

His campaign, not taxpayers, should pay for these events. Congress should hold Trump accountable.

As Campaign Season Heats Up, Trump Has Turned the Official Into the Political