Trump turns presidential events into political rallies

He did it again this week in Ohio. It was totally inappropriate. We are so numb to his violations of norms that this doesn’t get enough coverage. His campaign (which started on his first day in office) should pay for these events, not taxpayers. I can’t remember them all but some others were speeches at the CIA and Boy Scouts. It’s just wrong.

Trump continues to use music after the Rolling Stones say not to

The Rolling Stones have told him not to use their recordings.

A Trump cult member attacked a BBC cameraman in El Paso

Because he incites his cult members to hate the media, a MAGA guy attacked a BBC cameraman. This is dangerous. Someone could get seriously hurt if Trump doesn’t tone down his hateful rhetoric. So far, has done nothing.

Trump lied in his El Paso rally

I worry about the 2020 campaign and election. How are Trump and his cult going to handle if they lose? During the campaign, his claims will get wilder if he is losing and desperate to motivate his base. If he loses, will he and his cult accept the result?? I have my doubts.

Daniel Dale’s thread-always great stuff

Trump lies about everything.

Trump lies about defending pre-existing conditions

This is the same lie Trump and many Republicans told during the 2018 elections. They are not defending coverage of pre-existing conditions. Republican states have a lawsuit which would end it and the Trump administration is not defending Obamacare. Trump lies all the time but this is one of his worst lies.

Trump threatens investigations

Trump goes gangster and says legislation will suffer because of investigations.

Republicans who applauded him are hypocrites after all of their investigations.

There are more reasons than ever to investigate Trump and his corrupt associates. I hope he can be indicted and put in jail if the facts warrant that as punishment.

State of the Union fact checks

More lies

A lot of fact checks were done after the speech which means Trump was able to lie without being contradicted in real time. To be fair, Trump lies so much, it would be hard for the media to keep up.

Trump doesn’t talk about the people killed in mass shootings.