What video did they watch?

Chauvin clearly murdered Floyd. This is another case of Republicans denying facts and there is probably racism in here, too.

93% of of racial justice protests have been peaceful

The media overemphasizes the violence and the looting because they are more photogenic on TV.

Portland is peaceful after Trump’s troops leave

Trump wanted violence to put in his campaign commercials.

White supremacists are instigating riots

More police racism

Trump attacks the Buffalo protester who was injured by police

The man who was pushed to the ground by police has a brain injury.

Trump lies about Obama, Biden and policing

He said they did nothing. He’s a liar…again.

His speech was worthless and he used the white supremacy keyword “heritage” at the end to appeal to the bigots in his base.

Before his lies, he met with families of people who were killed by police.

Tear gas used on protesters in 98 US cities

This will also make them more vulnerable to getting the coronavirus at the protests.