Trump’s DHS and the right treat Rittenhouse like a hero

He apparently killed two people. He is not a hero.

No justice for Breonna Taylor

What Kentucky did was ridiculous. Support the Louisville Community Bail Fund. I did. See the first tweet below.

The right wing is treating the Kenosha killer as a hero

He murdered two people. He is not a hero. Trump defended him. So did Trump.,Jr.

93% of of racial justice protests have been peaceful

The media overemphasizes the violence and the looting because they are more photogenic on TV.

Right-wing extremists and evangelicals raising money for Kenosha killer

It’s unbelievable that people would support a kid who apparently murdered two people. Trump won’t disown him either. He went to a Trump rally.

Vigilante violence in Kenosha

The police didn’t prevent it. Facebook did nothing. The right wing complains about the protestors but ignore the white vigilantes with guns in Kenosha, Idaho, Michigan and elsewhere.