A question for concealed carry supporters

Concealed carry supporters want to be able to carry concealed weapons in states that ban that if it is legal in their home state. Would they feel the same way about marijuana? If it’s legal in my state, is it alright for me to smoke it anywhere? I’m sure they would say no which exposes their hypocrisy. They’re big on states rights as long as you follow the laws of their state. Sad!

Update on Jeffrey Epstein – Labor Secretary Acosta must go

Looks bad for Epstein, Labor Secretary Acosta and others. Justice was not served before. Maybe it will be now. I hope so for the victims.

Trump administration prosecuting volunteers who left water for migrants on protected land

This is terrible!

Sessions restricts consent decrees used to enforce civil rights laws

He did this on his way out.

Trump wants to reinstate stop-and-frisk

Trump wants to reinstate stop-and-frisk policies.  The way they were done in New York was unconstitutional and bigoted.  His base will like the bigotry part.

What Trump got wrong about stop and frisk during the 2016 campaign.

from the article linked to above:

“Applied almost exclusively to minorities, the stop-and-frisk tactics in New York became an elephantine government project that wasted time and money, degrading both to the personhood of the men and women who were stopped and to the professionalism of the people doing the stopping.”

The way stop and frisk was carried out in New York was unconstitutional.

from the article:

“In 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Shira A. Scheindlin ruled that city police violated the U.S. Constitution in the way that it carried out its stop-and-frisk program, calling it “a form of racial profiling” of young black and Hispanic men. ”

This Washington Post article notes ” …there’s no real correlation between the use of stop-and-frisk and New York’s reduction in crime.”

Four white supremacists arrested for their roles in Charlottesville

I assume these are some of Trump’s “very fine people”.