Crime has not increased because of “defund the police”

The media has let Republicans spread this bogus talking point.

Biden has supported increased funding for police.

The five states with the highest murder rate voted for Trump

So much for Republican crime hysteria about crime in cities.

How Republicans have not voted to fund the police

More police racism

Trump or Barr – who’s lying about the SDNY firing?

Then it should be easier to get Berman to testify since he’s no longer working for the administration. I don’t see how Trump could block it.

Trump lies about Obama, Biden and policing

He said they did nothing. He’s a liar…again.

His speech was worthless and he used the white supremacy keyword “heritage” at the end to appeal to the bigots in his base.

Before his lies, he met with families of people who were killed by police.

Tear gas used on protesters in 98 US cities

This will also make them more vulnerable to getting the coronavirus at the protests.

Additional videos of racist police brutality

More bad police behavior in videos and photos