Yet another fake right wing picture

The right wing sure spreads a lot of fake stuff. Trump supporters must not be interested in facts.

Sarah Sanders won’t condemn the “CNN Sucks” crowd

Someone is going to get hurt by the hostile Trump supporters who are egged on by their leader.


Trump and the New York Times

Trump met with the owner of the New York Times.  It was supposed to be off the record but Trump tweeted about it.  Trump’s account and the Times account sound like they were from two different meetings.  Since Trump is a liar, this has happened before with his meetings and calls.  Of course, I believe the Times.  Trump’s comments are dangerous.  Sad!

Here’s Trump’s tweet and the response.

CNN’s Jim Acosta on reporting about Trump

I have said this before.  Trump makes it look like the media is against him by lying and then having them fact check him.  By now, everyone has decided if he is a liar or if he tells the truth.  I would still like the media to fact check him but de-emphasize it; just post the results online.  Then they will have time to run stories on people who do tell the trust.

Online hoaxes after the Santa Fe shootings

Once again, just like in prior mass shootings,  fake Facebook posts about the Santa Fe shooting emerged.

This article states: “In the first hours after the Texas school shooting that left at least 10 dead Friday, online hoaxers moved quickly to spread a viral lie, creating fake Facebook accounts with the suspected shooter’s name and a doctored photo showing him wearing a “Hillary 2016″ hat.”

Even Fox News covered this aspect of the story:


Poll on the news media

Washington Post analysis

51% of Republicans think the news media is the enemy of the people.  Scary.  Sad!