Republicans could use payroll tax cut to justify cutting programs

Trump is interested in a temporary cut to payroll taxes that support Social Security and Medicare. I am concerned that Republicans would use the reduced solvency of the programs as an excuse to cut benefits. Every problem cannot be solved with a tax cut!

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you can’t cut taxes that are not paid
many people would not benefit from this cut

Indexing capital gains to inflation would benefit the rich

Another Republican scam like their tax cut

More on the failure of Trump’s tax cut

Republicans want more tax cuts for rich people

The tax cut primarily helped rich people and corporations. It didn’t help the economy much and greatly increased the deficit. Now Republicans want to give more tax cuts to the wealthy. Sad!

Tax cuts didn’t lead to more business investment

Trump tax cut: Individuals paid $93 billion more, corporations paid $91 billion less

Blue states subsidize red states

Blue states were already subsidizing red states before Trump’s vindictive tax cuts that punished states that didn’t vote for him. Now NY, NJ, and CT are suing IRS for blocking a workaround to the $10,000 limit on state/local tax deductions.

The tax cuts could also further penalize blue states by causing people to move from them.

Republican tax policy failed in Kansas

This should serve as a lesson for the whole country. Republican tax cuts do not improve the economy, they just increase the deficit.

Tax update 6/22/19

More on the Trump tax law scam.

Corporate taxes are the lowest in more than 50 years

More evidence that the Trump tax cut was a scam to help businesses and wealthy people.