Trump’s trade wars hurt farmers

Trump’s trade policy is hurting farmers. Trump lies about the estate tax changes. They won’t help many farmers. He has told this lie many times.

The tweets from Daniel Dale are from prior times he has lied about this.

Trump called the estate tax a ‘tremendous burden’ on family farmers. Here’s the truth.

Tax update 3/27/19

More bad news on the Trump tax law that primarily helped rich people and corporations:

Tax update 3/13/19

Trump’s tax cuts hurt blue state residents

I live in Maryland. I was not able to deduct all of my state and local taxes this year. Trump is rewarding his voters just like he did with the $12 billion for farmers. He is penalizing blue state residents – this is similar to his attacks on California. He is so vindictive. Sad.

Republicans lied about economic growth

The tax cuts will only give a temporary boost to the economy