The wealthiest 1% avoid $163 billion in taxes

I’m sure Republicans will try to block this. They’re not big on enforcing laws if it affects their rich donors.

well put

Conservatives don’t want to help IRS collect taxes from evaders

Tax avoidance by the wealthy

Majority supports tax increases to pay for infrastructure

Republicans oppose tax increases to pay for infrastructure. Once again, they are blocking what the public wants.

Pro Publica shows that billionaires don’t pay their share of taxes

Republicans don’t want to raise taxes on rich people. I doubt this will change their mind.

The bottom line – see #6

Unpaid federal taxes could exceed a trillion per year

Morning Consult poll: “More Than 3 in 5 Voters Support Corporate Tax Hike to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Plan”

More Than 3 in 5 Voters Support Corporate Tax Hike to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

In spite of this, I expect it to get no support from congressional Republicans. I guess they’re fine with big companies that pay zero taxes.

The corporate tax rate is too low

Before Trump, it was 35%. He and congressional Republicans cut it to 21%. Now, Biden wants to raise it to 28% which is very reasonable. There is large public support for raising taxes on corporations. Remember, lots of companies use loopholes to pay zero taxes. Look at the charts in the tweets below.