The top 1% is getting $111 billion in tax savings


More on the tax cuts and stock buybacks

GOP leaders want to celebrate tax cut but few are listening


Six month anniversary of the Trump tax law

The Trump tax law is a failure.

Republican manipulate the tax law to their benefit in Nevada

From the article linked to in the tweet below: “The Treasury Department last week reversed itself after lobbying by Nevada Republicans and agreed to let a previously ineligible county reap huge benefits from the new tax law.”


The Trump Tax law is not popular

The Trump tax law is not popular.  Remember, in the recent race for the House seat in western Pennsylvania, Republicans stopped running ads based on the tax cut because they weren’t working.

From the Monmouth Poll article: “The poll also finds that 34% of the public approve of the tax reform plan passed by Congress last December and 41% disapprove. Another 24% are not sure how they feel. These results have shifted in the past six weeks. Approval is down 6 points from 40% in late April and disapproval is down 3 points from 44%. The number who give no opinion on the plan has risen 8 points from 16%. Polls earlier this year had shown a more evenly divided public – 41% approve to 42% disapprove in March and 44% approve to 44% disapprove in January – with a smaller percentage of undecided opinion.”


Corporations, not workers, are benefitting from the tax cuts


This article shows workers wages have fallen.

The estate tax scam

The estate tax cut is benefitting the extremely wealthy, just as predicted.  Down the road, it will certainly benefit the Trump family.  This was a poor decision and I hope the tax rate is restored in the future.