The AP’s history of the water problem in Jackson, Mississippi

More Republicans taking credit for the Infrastructure bill they didn’t support


Republican hypocrisy on the Infrastructure funding

What’s in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

This is an excellent thread from the White House about specific provisions in the deal. The media focuses on the politics of getting the deal made while they should focus on how it affects us.

Biden’s infrastructure proposals are popular

You would never know this watching TV. The networks focus on the politicians, not what the public thinks. Sure, we need Congress for these ideas to become law but the networks need to show that these ideas have wide support outside of Washington.

Poll: 6 in 10 GOP voters favor new $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, boosting Biden’s hopes of a big bipartisan win

Majority supports tax increases to pay for infrastructure

Republicans oppose tax increases to pay for infrastructure. Once again, they are blocking what the public wants.

Majority supports Biden’s infrastructure plan

Morning Consult poll: “More Than 3 in 5 Voters Support Corporate Tax Hike to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Plan”

More Than 3 in 5 Voters Support Corporate Tax Hike to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

In spite of this, I expect it to get no support from congressional Republicans. I guess they’re fine with big companies that pay zero taxes.

Biden’s infrastructure plan

This plan is a great idea. It will help rebuild and expand our infrastructure and benefit people at the same time.