So far, tax refunds are lower because of the Trump tax scam

There are a lot of unhappy people who have done their taxes and realized that the Trump tax cut was a scam.

I knew it was when I saw the new federal tax withholding rate for my federal pension. It was 17% lower than it was for 2017. I knew this was phony and changed it back.

Search I just did my taxes on Twitter for stories from taxpayers.

This is a great point – many of them were willing to put up with Trump’s other terrible actions.

More bad news about Trump’s tax cut

Republicans want to eliminate the estate tax

Wealthy people got enormous benefits from the Trump tax cut but that’s not enough for Republicans.  Trump keeps lying and saying the estate tax was already completely eliminated.  Sad!

The Trump tax cut did not boost hiring or investment plans

As we knew from the beginning, it was just a scam to help rich people.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s tax proposal

The right wing makes personal attacks on her clothes and dance video.  Meanwhile OAC is making serious proposals and started a valuable discussion on tax rates.

Opponents are (I think deliberately) saying her position is to tax all income of people making $10 million at 70%. She is only talking about $10 million and up.