On North Korea, Trump is a chump and a liar

Kim Jong-un has really outplayed Trump.

Trump said North Korea is not a nuclear threat anymore.  This is a lie.  The document they signed is vague and North Korea is actually adding to their nuclear capacity.

Pompeo’s most trip to North Korea was a failure.

Trump said that some remains of US troops from the Korean War have been returned.  This is a lie.  North Koreans stood the US up on a meeting today on it.  He also said parents of the troops asked for the remains.  They would have to be 101 at least.  This is almost definitely a lie.

Kim Jong-un sent Trump a flattering letter.  He fell for it and said there is great progress.  So far, Trump gave up the military exercise and got nothing much in return.  What a chump.  Sad!

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