Trump has no empathy for McCain

My sympathy goes out to John McCain’s family and friends.  I didn’t agree with him on many issues but he was an American hero.  He had integrity and compassion and we can all learn from his example.

Now, on to the Trump crime family:

Here’s the latest:

Then read the background:

Just sympathy for the family, nothing to honor John McCain (a much better person than Trump).  To be fair, they did put the White House flags at half staff but we don’t know whose idea that was.

Trump was not invited to the funeral and that may also apply to the living ex-presidents when they pass away.  He has either insulted them or they have criticized him (which he can’t stand.)  Pathetic.

Also to be fair, if he had been compassionate:

  1. people would wonder who wrote the tweet
  2. he would have been attacked for hypocrisy because of his terrible behavior while McCain was alive.

Look at the comments on this tweet from Lindsay Graham who has become a Trump cult member:

Democrats liked McCain more than Republicans lately.  The GOP isn’t into integrity and honesty any more.

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