Elmore Leonard

I got to see Elmore Leonard several times in bookstores in Washington, DC.  One time, I barely made it there before the event finished because I had rushed from Baltimore.  I told this to Leonard and he said I should have been there at his event in Baltimore earlier that day (which I didn’t know about).  It was not well attended.  I told him Baltimore’s slogan was “The city that reads”.  He told me it must be a new slogan.  The next time I saw him at a bookstore, I gave him a “The City that reads” bookmark.

At one point, when Baltimore was #1 in teen pregnancy, some folks said our slogan should be “The city that breeds”.

Leonard wrote so many excellent books.  If you haven’t read them, I would start with Tishomingo Blues or Freaky Deaky.  He is best known for crime novels which are written with a rambling, unpredictable plot and a great sense of humor.  A three volume set of 12 crime novels is available from the Library of America.

They added a volume of his westerns in 2018.

There are several excellent films based on Leonard books:

Get Shorty

Out of Sight

Jackie Brown (based on Rum Punch – major changes from the book)

updates 10/11/21

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