Pittsburgh synagogue hate crime


First, my sympathy to the victims and their families and appreciation for the police for their brave work.

Trump’s hate rhetoric strikes again.  Of course, he is not directly responsible for the crime but he has created an atmosphere where bigots feel encouraged and supported by the President of the United States.

I’ll never forgive him for his comments after Charlottesville when he said the Nazis included “very fine people” .  That’s why we have hate crimes like this.

Anti-Semitic hate crimes and social media posts are up under Trump

Trump’s reaction

Trump’s comments have been pathetic.  He has not expressed sympathy for the victims.  He blames them for not having guns (to make his NRA donors happy).  As others have noted, the police there had guns and they got shot, too.

Of course, it’s still going on.  How about Charlottesville?

Trump has created an environment that encourages racism, hate crimes

The suspect


We can do something about guns

and this

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