Republicans will do anything to win

This is an excellent column.  We saw this in 2000 when the Florida recount was stopped.  From the column:

“A better way to put it is that when the 2000 election was thrown into chaos in Florida, Democrats operated under the mistaken belief that there was an orderly process to be undertaken and eventually it would all get sorted out fairly. Meanwhile, Republicans were all but crawling through the Okefenokee with knives in their teeth. Republicans knew that there were no rules that needed to be obeyed and no niceties that needed to be considered. All that mattered was winning, and the winner would be the one who was more ruthless and determined.”

We’re seeing it again now with the Republicans baseless claims of fraud in Florida and Georgia.  Trump is the ringleader.  Republicans don’t care how much damage this does to public confidence in the elections, they just want to win.  They should just let the legal election process play out.

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