The House should obtain Trump’s tax returns

The House should get Trump’s returns as soon as possible. His behavior toward Russia has been very odd and we need to see if he gets income from them. We also need to see if he even pays taxes – we know he has avoided them before and used shady techniques to pay less. We need to see if how much he profited from his tax cuts for rich people.

I don’t want any crap from Trump about he supports the military if he won’t pay the taxes that pay for their salaries and weapons.

If Trump didn’t want to reveal his taxes or get rid of his properties, he should not have run for president. It’s that simple.

Republicans have done nothing about Trump’s taxes or possible emoluments violations so Democrats will have to do it now.

This is wrong – just get the president’s returns. He’s just trying to muddy the waters. The only other one I would consider is the vice president’s returns.

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