The Barr letter on the Mueller report

I don’t think we can evaluate the report until we see it. I am not surprised that Barr concluded there was no obstruction of justice – he has basically endorsed presidential authority which is why Trump picked him.

I don’t know what the legal definition of conspiracy is and apparently Trump and his campaign didn’t meet it. They met with the Russians to get dirt on Clinton. If that’s not illegal, it’s still wrong. Trump told Russia on live TV to get Clinton’s emails and they listened. If that’s not illegal, it’s still wrong.

Barr has helped Trump by squashing the obstruction of justice issue. I want Congress to weigh in.

I still believe Trump is a criminal and belongs in jail. If nothing else, he (AKA individual 1) participated on the election-related crimes that Michael Cohen is going to jail for. I hope he is indicted by SDNY as soon as he leaves office. There are lots of other investigations and we’ll see what they find.

The letter states that Mueller found Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Will Trump finally admit this or does his still believe his friend Putin?

If I was Trump and his team, I would be pleased with the outcome. However, they still have to lie about it and claim it was total vindication. It wasn’t. Isn’t the truth ever good enough for them?

One big question – if they didn’t commit crimes, why did Trump and his team lie over and over again about contacts with Russia? Doesn’t that matter?

There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of tweets. I am posting a few of the best overviews.

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