Renaming things is not enough

Businesses and governments are trying to avoid making real changes that would make things fair for African Americans and Native Americans by doing superficial things like changing names and taking down statues. Animated TV shows won’t have white actors voice black characters, The Redskins and Indians may change their names, and the NFL will play “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before games. Mississippi will take the Confederate flag out of the state flag.

These are changes that should be made but they are nowhere near enough. The NFL only has two black GMs and three black coaches. Colin Kaepernick still is not on an NFL roster. There is rampant inequality in income, assets, health care and education. That’s where the changes need to be made. The people with the assets figure throwing them a bone will be enough. It’s not.

Trump is a racist and still objects to renaming military bases named after Confederates. Sad!

This is a terrific tweet and comments mocking the renaming ideas. Make sure to see the great comment by my neighbor (Dread MD).

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