Trump’s philosophy is based on winning. That means the other side has to lose. There’s no room for compromise. It’s a toxic philosophy for trying to get along in a multi-party country.

Now he and most of the Republican leaders won’t accept that he lost. It’s fine that Biden thinks he can work with them and he’s welcome to try it but he’s wrong. Republicans only care about winning and will not work with him. That’s why they violate norms over and over with things like the Barrett appointment. It was wrong but it was legal so they did it. They don’t care that it undermines public confidence in the Supreme Court.

Remember when McConnell said his goal was to make Obama a one-term president? Why should this be different? It won’t be. Anything Biden gets done will have to be by executive order. If there is a Supreme Court vacancy, I think McConnell won’t let him fill it.

Republicans don’t care what the public thinks and so far have not suffered from taking unpopular actions.

The public supported hearings on Garland. McConnell didn’t do it.

The public supported having witnesses for the Senate Trump impeachment trial. McConnell didn’t have them.

The public thought the winner of the election should pick RBG’s replacement. Trump and McConnell filled the vacancy anyway.

McConnell won’t even hold hearings on the large volume of bills passed by the House. Why would that change now just because Biden is president.

I admire Biden’s optimism but he’ll learn the hard way. He can’t be president of all of the people when a large minority won’t accept that he is the president.

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