Broadsides from Black Oak Books

I used to go to a lot of author appearances in Washington to hear authors read and get books signed. Black Oak Books from Oakland printed broadsides with book excerpts which they distributed at readings. I got some through the mail and brought them to readings. The one from Maxine Hong Kingston was sent to me already signed.

I eventually got most of them framed. They are signed unless noted. I saw the authors of three of the four unsigned ones (Johnson, Sayles, Stone) after I got the broadsides.

The top group of 9

top: Maxine Hong Kingston (sent to me signed), Paule Marshall, Charles Johnson (not signed)

middle: Martin Amis, Tim O’Brien, Don DeLillo (not signed)
bottom: Julian Barnes, Gloria Naylor, Ivan Doig

The bottom group of 6

John Sayles (not signed), Robert Stone (not signed), Elmore Leonard, Jayne Anne Phillips, TC Boyle, Amy Tan

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