We need a snow equivalent to the wind chill

There should be a snow equivalent to the wind chill factor. Obviously, five inches of snow is much worse in Dallas than Minneaopolis. People up north have much more experience and equipment and handle snow much better. I spent my first 10 years in Manhattan and we always went to school in the snow. I have lived in Baltimore since 1976 and I will never get used to how badly they deal with snow here. They would close schools on a rumor of snow.

Speaking of mug shots…

There are lots of great mug shots online of ordinary people who did bizarre things, had crazy expressions or wore inappropriate shirts.  This is my all-time favorite:

It’s here and other places. Would you really want to wear this shirt when you were before a judge?

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Split the US into two countries?

This is a provocative column from the right suggesting that the country is irreparably divided and should be split into two countries.  I certainly disagree about where the blame belongs.

I do think it will be very hard to unify the country going forward.  We can’t even agree on basic facts.  I think this is because of all the vile nonsense spread by right wing conspiracy theorists starting with the president.

I don’t know how this ever gets fixed as long as there is all kinds of unverified crap on the Internet.


Update: an article discussing various right-wing people supporting this idea