Trump’s urges a boycott of AT&T

I thought Republicans were big on free enterprise. They have been quiet as Trump suggests a boycott of AT&T because he doesn’t like the coverage he gets on their subsidiary CNN. This is how dictators act.

Trump team lies about North Korea sanctions

It’s disgraceful that Trump likes Kim more than American hero John McCain.

This was a lie. There were no future sanctions now.

The summit is just a photo op and a distraction

Trump won’t get anything from Kim. It’s horrible that he is sucking up to a dictator. The only question is how much he will give away so he can have a photo op for a deal.

Trump will cave in to North Korea again

He’ll make more concessions and get nothing. He is oblivious to the facts which show that North Korea is not disarming. He just wants a show. He will continue to lie about this. Trump loves dictators. Even Pompeo knows Trump is wrong about North Korea’s actions so far. Sad!

Trump’s appointees have to lie to cover for Trump’s lies. They shouldn’t put liars on TV.