Trump’s Meet the Press interview

More lies and other nonsense.

He lied about voter fraud. He attacked the Federal Reserve. He lied about the Obama economy. He doesn’t care about the Khashoggi murder because Saudi Arabia buys stuff from us. Trump has no integrity or morals.

Trump overwhelms interviewers with non-stop lies

The economy rebounded under Obama. Trump inherited a strong economy. What a pathetic liar.

Trump’s ABC interview

More lies and crazy stuff

He has told this lie many times

Trump on the Hannity show

This is not surprising

Trump’s threat about violence

He’s implying that his supporters could get violent. I am very concerned about what will happen after the 2020 election if he loses. Will he and his cult accept the results?

Trump interviews with the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post


Trump’s bizarre Daily Caller interview

More lies

Trump’s AP interview -10/16/18: more lies

Trump was interviewed by the Associated Press (AP) yesterday and told his usual lies.  To me, the media helps spread his lies even if they point out the facts.  Trump wins by getting the attention that could have been used for other stories.   Excessive media coverage of Trump is very unfair to Democrats.

Interview transcript annotated by the Washington Post

AP article

Daniel Dale’s thread.  Obviously, Trump will do nothing about the UN climate report.  We’re all going to suffer because of his ignorance and lies.