I support releasing part of Trump’s tax returns

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Rubin says Trump ran out the clock but he shouldn’t be rewarded for it.

More on the investigation of Trump’s taxes and other financial dealings

More on the New York Times and others looking into his sleazy and maybe illegal tax breaks.

Influence for sale!

More on Trump’s tax evasion part 2

No they don’t. Trump’s appeal is based on white supremacy.

More on Trump’s tax evasion part 1

Trump attacks reporters who got the “Noble” prize

It’s Nobel and they got Pulitzers, not Nobels. These are pathetic tweets from Trump. Of course, the reporters were right about Russian interference, too. Even a Senate panel led by a Republican confirmed it.


Once again, Trump screws up, claims it was sarcasm and blames the media.


Trump team adds insults to their unwillingness to provide his taxes to Congress

Sarah Sanders says Congress isn’t smart enough to understand Trump’s taxes. Trump’s lawyers say Congress is acting like a junior varsity IRS.

The law is clear. The tax returns must be turned over. This is a stall tactic topped off with insults.

The public wants to see Trump’s tax returns

Trump and his staff claim the election proves that the public doesn’t care about Trump’s taxes since he was elected. That’s a lie.

We need to know about potential conflicts of interest. The returns probably show he pays no taxes or very little. That’s my guess. Why else would he hide them?

What is Trump hiding in his tax returns?

Trump is going to fight the release of the returns to Congress but it looks like legally they have the right to see them. What is he hiding? The possibilities include paying little or no taxes, tax evasion, overstatement of his net wealth, income from other countries that would cause a potential conflict of interest.

The House requests Trump’s tax returns

It’s about time. Let’s see how much of his income was in rubles. We do need to know about any conflicts of interest that affect American foreign policy. Is he hiding something? Why is he fighting it? My guess is that he pays little or no money in federal taxes. He has done this in the past.

Republicans will try to make this partisan but every American should want to know this information. That’s why every other candidate for over 40 years provided it.

Being under audit does not prevent Trump from providing his tax returns.
It’s not a tired mantra, it’s a lie.