Wealthy Republican donors

More on wealthy Republican donors:

Sheldon Adelson contributed $30 million to prevent Democrats from taking over the House.

9/24/18 update on Adelson:

The law prevents Paul Ryan from directly soliciting this large a donation so Ryan stepped out of the room when someone else asked for and received the money.  How sleazy can you get?  And yes, the Democrats would do it too.

Groups affiliated with the Koch brothers are spending $20 million on a campaign to sell the Republican tax cuts to voters.

Ryan gave them credit for supporting the law.

Democrats are questioning the influence of the Koch brothers.

An opinion column by Senator Whitehouse about the influence of billionaires on Trump.

The EPA granted a hardship waiver to Icahn, a former Trump adviser.

The Mercers helped fund Project Veritas

Mercers update 12/29/18:

Richard Uihlein, a relatively unknown donor

update on Uihlein

Another article on Uihlein and his wife

Don’t tell me about George Soros funding liberal causes.  Look what these people are doing.  We need the Supreme Court to get big money out of politics by reversing the Citizens United decision but that won’t happen anytime soon.


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