Trump’s border hoax

Trump knows immigration was a very successful issue for him since the first day of his campaign. He has created this crisis to rile up his base. I think he really doesn’t want to settle it before the 2018 election so he can keep ranting about immigration.  This week, he sabotaged Republican efforts to make an immigration law.  Democrats had earlier offered to fund the wall but he turned that deal opportunity down too.

This is an excellent column by Catherine Rampell in the Washington Post.  She writes:

“The hoax is the premise that President Trump’s administration has invented to rationalize such crimes against humanity: his narrative that America has been “ infest[ed]” with hordes of crime-committing, culture-diluting, job-stealing, tax-shirking, benefits-draining “aliens.”
No part of that description is remotely true. Yet the Trump administration seems to have successfully shifted the national dialogue away from “Do we have a border immigration problem?” to “What’s the right way to fix our border immigration problem?””

This article states “…there is evidence, in federal data and on the ground in places like Brownsville that the immigration crisis Mr. Trump has cited over the past week to justify the separation of families is actually no crisis at all.”



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