Republicans can’t win on issues so they resort to lies and bigotry

The main features of the Republican midterm campaigns are lies and bigotry.

The can’t win on the issues.

The public understands that the Trump tax cut primarily helps the wealthy and corporations.  Trump has made up a 10% middle class tax cut that won’t happen but why even suggest it if the cut they passed helped the middle class?

Trump and Republican candidates are telling horrible lies about Obamacare and pre-existing conditions.   They say the Democrats won’t protect pre-existing conditions.  That’s a lie.  The Trump administration and 20 states led by Republicans have sued to end the protections.

Yet they lie and say they will help people with pre-existing conditions.

Trump and his far right followers are promoting bigotry and people inspired by the rhetoric killed 11 Jews and sent bombs to prominent Democrats.  Trump has created an atmosphere of hate.

Trump and Republicans have lied when they say George Soros is paying people in the caravan and they claim it includes Middle Easterners and criminals.  There is nothing to support these claims – they are lies.  Trump knows he was elected because of white nationalism and that’s what he is pushing now to get people to vote Republican.  His plan to overturn birthright citizenship and sending troops to the border are ploys the create fear and excite his base.

The emphasis on immigration should put an end to the idea that Trump was elected because of economic concerns.  He is lying and saying this is the best economy ever and that his tax cut was the biggest ever but this is not the main emphasis of his rallies.

He could talk about the GDP and wage increases and low unemployment.  He deserves some (but certainly not all) of the credit for them.  However, Trump and his cult would much rather be bigots and talk about immigration.

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