Rake America Great Again – Finland mocks Trump


This is also the latest example of Trump’s account of a conversation being different from the other person’s account.  Trump is a proven liar.


California fires update – 11/17/18

Trump will never acknowledge climate change and will do irreparable damage to our country while he is president.  Electing someone else in 2020 won’t undo harm occurring now.








How to help people displaced by fires and firefighters in southern California



Trump’s first reaction to California fires is to attack


That’s all he knows how to do.

First, my sympathy goes out to the victims and their families and my admiration goes out to the first responders.  Trump’s initial tweet was vindictive but someone must have told him that he needed to do better because the second one was more appropriate.  Of course, he’ll never acknowledge the impact of climate change on the frequency and size of the fires.






This is hilarious!