The Petersburg Battle of the Crater site

In 1963, our family toured some of the Civil War battlefields. The Battle of the Crater (1864) looked very dramatic in paintings from the time. The Union forces used dynamite which created a crater.

Unfortunately. by 1963 the crater had filled in and was very unimpressive. It was so disappointing.

The Washington Post on the real story of the painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware

That patriotic painting of George Washington on Christmas? It was German.

Polo Grounds photos from Twitter

I saw the 1962 and 1963 Mets play there. It was the former home of the New York Giants before they moved to San Francisco. I recommend following the Twitter accounts I posted the tweets from to see more cool photos,

The Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination

The Kennedy assassination was 59 years ago today on 11/22/63. Abraham Zapruder witnessed it and filmed it on his 8 mm camera. The film was sold to Life Magazine and still frames appeared in print. They’re unforgettable if you have seen them.

The Edsel: Ford’s 1950s car failure

Old folks like me remember the Edsel. I don’t recall a car from a major company that was such a flop.

Real-time animation of the Titanic sinking